If you’re interested in improving mobility and reducing stress and pain, it may be time for you to discover North Shore Rolfing. Appointments may be made by calling 808-769-2097 or 956-383-2086. The website address is: www.northshorerolfing.com. This business is one of more than 20 that will be participating in the North Shore Chamber of Commerce’s Health, Wellness & Fitness Fair scheduled 9 am – 1 pm, March 25th, at the Waialua Community Association gym across from Haleiwa Post Office.

For Terri Keppinger and Arnold Molina, North Shore Rolfing is not only their business but their lifestyle. Their diverse and circuitous journeys through life eventually brought them to Waialua via common interests and chance meeting. However, both agree that where they are now in place and profession is exactly where they are meant to be.

Originally from Oregon, Terri moved to Oklahoma in high school and pursued college on a Navy scholar-ship. After that, she worked for the Navy for 12 years, first in Guam, then Spain and Japan. She traveled with United Nations to Western Sahara and Croatia. Her employment eventually brought her to Hawaii, where she joined a paddling club and the yoga community. Her dedication to yoga took her to India where she ended up living for 16 years, regularly returning to Hawaii for visits.

During that time, she joined Doctors Without Borders as a logistician helping with supply, security, and financial management in countries including Nigeria, South Sudan and Papua New Guinea. Along the way, she was introduced to Rolfing Structural Integration, a hands-on therapy and movement education described as providing ease of movement naturally by bringing body alignment into harmony. Developed by Ida P. Rolf. Ph.D., approximately 40 years ago, the massage method provides a system of connective tissue manipulation and body training.

“I wanted to be a first-care provider,” she said, “and with Rolfing, I knew I could do that.”

That notion led her to pursue training at the Rolfing® Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado, where she earned certification. After that, she decided she needed to find home again, and the peace she found on North Shore Oahu convinced her that was where she needed to be. So she came back to stay in June 2016.

It was in Boulder at the Rolfing Institute that Terri met Arnold, who also has an unusual background. Originally from South Texas and later Dallas, he first followed his passion for theater and moved to New York to study at a professional conservatory. Throughout the mid-1980s and 1990s, he performed in on- and off-Broadway productions. However, his interests soon drifted toward movement training, and he relocated to Los Angeles for a while.

Meanwhile, the different places where he lived and visited provided opportunities to study various move-ment and massage techniques. He extensively trained in yoga and aikido (a nonviolent martial art form). He also attended Chicago School of Massage Therapy and learned neuro-muscular therapy, a technique to alleviate body pain. For a while he worked at an AIDS alternative health clinic. When his mother became ill, he moved back to Dallas to help her, all the while practicing aikido and teaching yoga and massage practices. He also had a stint as a high school theater teacher and director.

When he saved enough to obtain certification and attend the Rolfing Institute in Boulder, he was on his way to a new calling.  “I learned about it 16 years ago,” said Arnold. “The Rolfing 10 Series dramatically affected me. It was a profound experience, and I had already trained for this opportunity.”
Terri and Arnold began working together in Boulder where they strove toward living more naturally and embracing community. Since last summer when they moved to Waialua, they have become a part of the local and business community. Their goal is to embrace the Hawaiian concept of “aina”, developing a sense of place. With that goal in mind, at home they employ permaculture, a gardening method which relies on renewable resources and a self-sustaining eco-system, and they are anxious to share what they have learned.

Now, as a team, Terri and Arnold are developing their home business as certified Rolfers and building a network of providers internationally. Their concept is establishing community and rendering service as needed to bring adaptability back into people’s lives. After all, they say, if you allow your body’s natural intelligence to take over, there is no limit to your potential.