screenhunter_10-oct-13-16-49Membership Spotlight Tabora Gallery: Fine Art in Historic Haleiwa Town Art for an Inspired Life Roy Tabora, owner of Tabora’s Gallery in Haleiwa, invites you to come experience the beauty and energy of the North Shore as captured by the magnificent paintings and art work found throughout the gallery. According to Roy, art is best experienced in person. Roy encourages all – locals, tourists, visitors and military service members – to stop by the Gallery to meet the staff and to enjoy the fine art.

His staff can match you with art that is “right” for you. Roy, a third generation artist, was brought up in a world where art was a way of life. Influenced by his uncle and grandfather, he remembers watching art being created from a very early age. Roy has become well known as one of the finest seascape painters in the world. The splendor of Hawaii’s tropical shores and nature serve as daily inspiration for Roy. Roy moved to the North Shore from his studio in Chinatown in the early 1990’s and opened the gallery in Haleiwa to share fine art with the residents of the North Shore as well as with visitors from all over the world.

Tabora’s Haleiwa gallery contributes to the North Shore community by exposing all kinds of people to the works of national and international artists. For those who visit Waikiki, you will be pleased to know that Roy is also opening a new gallery at the International Market Place in November 2016. When asked what advice Roy would give to aspiring young artists, he says that they need to be true to themselves and be sure their love for the art they are creating is genuine.

If they know in their heart that art is really what they love, then they need to bet on themselves. For the rest of us, Roy says that art, like music, is personal and should evoke an emotion in you. It should inspire and move you, and if it speaks to you, buy it – even if it doesn’t match the couch! He tells the story of a service member who buys a new piece of art within the first month of being stationed in a new place. In this way, his art collection is like an old friend, bringing back great memories as he moves from place to place. Come visit the splendor of Tabora’s Gallery. It is open every day from 10 to 5. Join Roy and several other artists during the monthly Haleiwa Art Walks. Starting in October, the Haleiwa Art Walks will be held the second Saturday of each month from 3 to 8 p.m. Hope to see you all there!