North Shore BNI – Where Friends Support Friends

If you’re looking for an opportunity to join a supportive and enthusiastic network with other local as well as international business leaders, Business Network International, otherwise known as BNI, is a great choice.

According to North Shore Chapter BNI Secretary-Treasurer Tanys Cabra, “We have seen start-up businesses open storefronts and other members needing to hire employees.  You receive a lot of education for your business and yourself, and make great friendships along the way. Last year, our chapter passed nearly $300,000 in closed business!”

BNI provides quality business referrals through personal relationships with other business professionals.  BNI International started in January 1985 under Founder and Chairman Dr. Ivan R. Misner.  The local North Shore BNI chapter formed in 2010, when co-founder & current BNI President Glennel Warren wanted to learn more about local business leaders and how they could support each other in a mutually beneficial way.  BNI provides a positive and structured environment to promote and exchange quality business referrals.  The philosophy is “Giver’s Gain.”  I help you, then you’ll help me, and both of us will benefit.  Every chapter follows common guidelines.

Members learn how to sharpen their presentation skills through mentoring, leadership team training, and success program workshops. They also have the opportunity to attend business tradeshows and local conferences.   Networking requires commitment and integrity, and the North Shore BNI members enthusiastically work as a team to help one another.

“After joining our local chapter, our business has increased sixfold,” says Charlie Teixeira of North Shore Embroidery-Route 99 Hawaii, a BNI member since 2011.  “We’ve also made transformational business relationships that have been our sounding boards for professional development.”

Current members include: Alfredo Garma, Garma Graphic Design; Angela Salisbury, Agapeway Massage; Belle England, Aflac; Beth Leeds, Meleluca; Boyd Kauhane, Allstate; Cate Coker, North Shore Rehab; Charlie Teixeira, North Shore Embroidery-Route 99 Hawaii; Chris Wall, Stratford Media; Glennel Warren, Summit Financial; Laurie Kasten, Sun Rider Images; Marcia Murphy, Pacific One Mortgage; Max Agnacin, Omega Builders; Nate Burgoyne, Integrity Online Marketing; Sue Arakawa, Aloha Oils LLC; Tanys Cabra, Hawaii Energy Connection – Solar KumuKit; Vera Close, Adonai Salon

The North Shore chapter currently is seeking the following professions to be represented in its group: copy writer, business coach, plumber, roofer, landscaper; handyman; florist; event planner; property manager; personal trainer; acupunturist, and several others not listed or represented above.

Members meet weekly on Thursdays, 8:15 – 9:45 am, at the Waialua Courthouse between Longs and Lanikai Juice in Haleiwa.

“Anyone looking to grow their business and looking for more referrals should at least come to a meeting and check us out!!  They don’t know what they are missing right here on the North Shore.” Cabra says enthusiastically. “Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?! “

If you are interested in visiting or learning more, please call Glennel Warren, Chapter President: 808-219-7398